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Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey regarding our proposed K-8 Health Curriculum. A number of respondents submitted questions, and we believe some of you may have similar questions. Below are those questions and corresponding answers for your review. We want to thank you again for the time and attention you spent reviewing our revised curriculum and for providing feedback.
Questions and Answers from our Health Series Event October 20, 2022

Q: In the 2nd grade lesson, for waste discussion, the words penis and vagina are on the slide but instead of “anus” the solid waste line says as a “bowel movement”…why is that? Are those words/body parts required to be used in the presented?

A: The two body parts that are required to be taught by 2nd grade are vagina and penis.  


Q: For 5th grade lesson on how families are formed, why the sub bullets to discuss how a baby is made - is that required? It is the only way listed that has sub-bullets and seems to call attention…especially the line about doctor intervention whereas just leaving it with a baby being born into the family is in line with the rest of the bullets.

A: We are required to teach multiple ways in which families can happen.  We are not required to go into the specifics of IVF, etc. but we need to make sure that we present that there are alternative ways to have a baby other than the traditional method.


Q: Other than the 8th grade 1 day project and 5th & 2nd individual lessons, will the new (controversial) changes to the standards appear anywhere else or be brought up/discussed in class at any other time? 

A: The lessons presented tonight will be done once. We will not be presenting that specific material elsewhere.  We will distribute a letter and outline before all topics are taught and parents can choose to opt their children out of a health lesson(s).  


Q:Approximately how long do the 2nd and 5th grade lesson take to present to students in class? Will the students be seeing the same exact slides that we saw or will they be changed at all?

A: The lessons presented will take approximately one class period 30-40 minutes.  The plan is to utilize the same slides presented.  


Q: Do parents have to opt children out of an entire health unit or can they opt out of only the day that covers controversial topics?

A: Parents can opt students out by topic.  


Q: Because the standards are vague and even in our curriculum it is carried over in a vague format, would parents be notified if the level of which these topics are covered, ever changes? For instance, if a year or even 5 years from now there is a decision made to change how these lessons are presented, will you notify parents? As currently presented I think parents may be more comfortable, however, if that presentation changes, these topics can again be concerning.


A: All major curriculum changes are approved through the Board of Education. When we receive an update from the state on the standards, we will be required to make updates to the curriculum.  This would involve approval from the Board of Education and would also be public information.

Q: It was stated that any questions a student may have during class, regarding some of the more concerning areas of the lessons, that the student would be directed to have that conversation at home. As a parent I appreciate this, but it was also said to us previously that the reason these lessons could not be sent home for parents to choose how to address them, was because some families are not comfortable having these conversations at home. My question is: Do you worry those children may be curious about one of the topics discussed and go home to search more information online, because either they are afraid to ask a parent or the parents are uncomfortable discussing these things? Could we potentially lead some children down a road of unpredictable online searches?

A: When students need further clarification, we can only provide support by referring them to our school counselors, nurses, and their own support system. However, it is difficult to ascertain the number of students who may not have a trusted adult to talk to at home. We can only hope we create a network of support for these students within our school community to assist them. As far as students doing searches on their own this can occur at any time. We continue to encourage parents to be aware of what their child is doing on their cell phone.

Q: Having the kids do a presentation on STIs is barely appropriate for older high schoolers, definitely not 8th graders. A short lesson by teacher only *might* be okay, if done tastefully (they will still be getting the "correct information, whether they remember it or not is on them). If administrators had to get used to saying these words out loud, how is it possibly appropriate to have children have to say them in front of their peers. It's incredibly humiliating.

A: Thank you for your feedback concerning the STI lesson.  As with any assignment students will not be forced to do anything they feel uncomfortable with.  Students work in groups and the student created public service announcement will reinforce the correct information.  The teacher will make sure all information is correct before any sharing takes place