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The Board of Education recognizes that the staff and service providers of this district are an integral component in creating a safe and secure environment conducive to learning and providing a quality education to the students of Southampton.

Therefore, honoring the diligence and dedication to our school district by staff and service providers is a priority of the Board of Education. Through the Employee Recognition program, staff and service providers will be recognized for their efforts in making Southampton Township Schools an outstanding school district.

The Employee Recognition  program will recognize employees each month during the school year. Eligible staff members will include teachers, classroom assistants, custodians, secretaries, bus drivers, food services workers and building level administrators.

The Board of Education has established the following criteria for employees to be nominated and selected:

·         Demonstrating behavior that assists students or other staff.

·         Demonstrates a positive and welcoming attitude that fosters a positive learning environment.

·         Displays outstanding performance pertaining to their job related responsibilities.

·         Works as a “Team Player” in fulfilling their responsibilities.

·         Contributes to the school district “above and beyond” expectations of their job.

·         Enthusiastically supports the “Mission” of Southampton Township Schools.

The employees will be nominated by the school community and selected by an ad-hoc committee appointed by the Board of Education. The committee will be comprised of three (3) Board of Education members and two (2) parents. The Superintendent of Schools or his / her designee shall serve as a consultant to the committee, but shall not vote on nominees.

All eligible staff members shall only be selected one time during the school year.