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Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) is defined as a gesture, act, or communication that substantially disrupts/interferes with the orderly operation of school or the rights of other students. Substantial disruption only has to be for one student, and it can be dramatic or more subtle (changes in demeanor, increased fear/anxiety, etc.). An incident has to be more than a momentary annoyance to be considered a HIB. 

Vice-Principal Emily Grosser is the district's Anti-bullying Coordinator. Her responsibilities include coordinating all aspects of the district's Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) Policy / Regulations. These responsibilities include policy / regulation development, HIB training for the school community (students, parents, staff, board of education, and contracted service providers), and overseeing the Olweus Anti-bullying program that has been adopted by Southampton Township Schools. 

Mrs. Samantha Fenton, Mrs. Allison Shaughnessy, and Mrs. Danielle Madison, are our school counselors and the Anti-bullying Specialists for their respective schools. Their responsibilities include assisting the Interim School #1 Principal, Mrs. Michele Henry and the School #2/#3 Principal, Mrs. Kristine Bertulis, in conducting investigations of suspected HIB incidents.

In addition, the Anti-bullying Specialists are the chairpersons of the School Safety Team for their respective schools, assist the principals in effectively responding to HIB incidents, and serve as a resource to the superintendent and Board of Education on policy / regulation development and annual review. 

Please access the Resource Materials tab on this area of the website for additional information on the HIB legislation, responsibilities of the HIB personnel, the school safety teams, and the district's bullying prevention program. The HIB policy can be found here and in our Policy Manual, which can be accessed through the quick link (items in circles) on the main page. 

For additional information, please contact the School Climate State Coordinator at [email protected].

Mrs. Samantha Fenton 
609-859-2256  Ext: 161
School #1 Anti-bullying Specialist
Mrs. Allison Shaughnessy 609-859-2256  Ext: 141
School #2 Anti-bullying Specialist  
Mrs. Danielle Madison
 609-859-2256  Ext: 154 
School #3 Anti-bullying Specialist  
Mrs. Emily Grosser 609-859-2256  Ext: 127
Anti-bullying Coordinator