Child Study Team

The Special Education Department in Southampton Township Public Schools implements all New Jersey State/Federal laws and regulations regarding special education and related services to ensure that students with disabilities receive complete educational opportunities. The Child Study Team is a multidisciplinary team of specialists, including the following:  Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant, School Social Worker, School Psychologist, Speech/Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist. These professionals oversee the identification, referral, evaluation, eligibility, IEP development, and implementation process of special education programs and placement which span the full continuum of options for students determined eligible for special education. The team works collaboratively with parents, students and staff to facilitate a process that implements an array of special accommodations, services and interventions to enable the individual child to be successful in school.

If you have any concerns regarding the needs of your eligible child, please contact the case managers from the Child Study Team list below:

Maureen Walsh-Supervisor of Special Services-1 (609) 859-2256 x 136

Anthony Jones-School Psychologist- 1 (609) 859-2256 x 140

Barbara Fletcher-Learning Consultant- 1 (609) 859-2256 x 139

Alyssa Gentile- School Social Worker- 1 (609) 859-2256 x 171

Stephanie Tafilowski-Speech Pathologist- 1 (609) 859-2256 x 728

Kelsey Honeyford-Speech Pathologist- 1 (609) 859-2256 x 610

Sarah Brandt-Physical Therapist- 1 (609) 859-2256 x 136

Erika Raditz-Occupational Therapist- 1 (609) 859-2256 x 728